Goodbyes and Afterwards.

Sadly, sometimes owning a pet comes with difficult decisions, and unfortunately pets rarely pass away peacefully in their sleep. In turn this involves a conversation regarding euthanasia with your Vet.

Our staff are available to discuss any questions you may have about saying goodbyes. We do our very best to ensure this is a quiet and gentle procedure for both your pet and you.

You’ll need to make a decision about you would like to happen once your pet has passed away, which you may wish to discuss with us.

There are three choices:

  • You can take your pet home for burial.
  • You can have your pet individually cremated
  • You can have your pet communally cremated. 

For cremation we recommend Pet Cremation Services (PCS). Please see

They are located at Limekiln Farm in Stroud.

PCS also have a farewell room for clients to say last goodbyes to their pets before they are cremated, where they keep a remembrance book full of tributes and letters from bereaved owners. 

If you have any questions about what to do when your pet passes away, please let us know.