Pet Health Plans.

We offer health care plans for horses, cats, dogs and rabbits. For more information on equine plans, please click here.
Being signed up to the health plans will give your pet gold standard preventative health care and will save you money each year.

What’s Included

For a set monthly fee (collected by direct debit) your pet will receive:

  • Annual vaccination and health check

  • Year round parasite control

  • Comprehensive 6 month health check

  • 2 Nurse clinics to include nail clipping

  • Complimentary microchip

Plus 10% off all products & services

Signing Up

Signing up couldn’t be easier! Simply speak to a member of staff the next time you are in and they will be able to sign you up immediately. This just involves filling out a short form and we’ll do the rest.

Please note that health plans are not insurance, but instead offer cover for routine treatments and preventative care, which pet insurance does not generally do.