Pet Insurance.

Owning a pet can be quite expensive. Pet insurance is a good way of knowing your pet will receive the best possible treatment with help towards the cost. There are many different policies out there & each one will have a different premium cost, level of cover & excess.

Lifetime Policy: As a practice this is the type of cover we recommend. It does exactly what it says, cover for life. Depending on the level of cover chosen, i.e. £6,500, your pet will be covered for £6,500 per year. Providing you renew each year the pot will re-fill to £6,500 each year & your pet will be covered for his/her lifetime without any exclusions*. Agria Pet Insurance only offers Lifetime cover.

Maximum Benefit or Per Condition Policies: The insurer will give you a pot of money per condition. Once this pot of money has been used up for that condition, then that condition will be excluded on your existing policy and pre-existing if you move to a new insurer. These policies often cost less but this is due to the fact that the level of cover is limited.

12 Month Policy: Covers vet fees for up to 12 months from when a problem was first identified. After that 12 month period the condition will be excluded (you will not be able to claim for that condition again). If you move to a new insurer, the condition will be pre-existing & not covered. These policies often cost less still but this is due to the fact that cover is even more limited.

We recommend Agria Pet Insurance

Why Pet Insurance?

  • The cost of insurance is driven by various risk factors including age, breed, species, gender & location

  • Pet insurance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  • One in three pets need non-routine veterinary treatment each year

  • A pet owner is more likely to claim on pet insurance than car or house insurance

  • Insurance enables pet owners to afford & vets to deliver the right veterinary treatment, at the right time, when it is needed most

  • Pet Insurers paid out £657 million in 2015

  • Over 97% of insurance claims in volume and value are for vets fees

Why Agria?

  • Lifetime cover as standard

  • Fixed excess & choice of variable excess

  • UK based award winning Contact Centre – Claims, Customer Services, Sales

  • The only pet insurer to be awarded a ‘Cat Friendly’ award by International Cat Care

  • Successful and forward thinking company, already achieving 30% growth this year compared to 2015

  • ‘Pick & Mix’ ensuring pet owners only pay for the benefits they need, retaining lifetime cover with a tailored price to suit their budget

  • Specialist pet insurer with an in-house underwriting team, underwriting our own policies

  • Work in collaboration with The Kennel Club & GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy)

  • Support & donations made to charities such as; The Kennel Club Charitable Trust & The International Cat Care

* PLEASE NOTE: If your animal has a pre–existing condition prior to taking out your insurance then your insurance company will not cover this. If you decide you are unhappy with your policy & decide to cancel, but a condition has shown symptoms or been diagnosed, (even if not yet claimed for) it is still pre-existing & you will not get cover from another insurer for this condition.